Private Instruction

Interested in private yoga lessons?  One on one instruction is a great way to learn the basics of yoga, perfect an existing practice, or manage an injury or health challenge.  

A private session at samadhi is a great way to begin your yoga journey or enhance the one you may have already started. In my opinion there are do’s and don’t s in yoga and no better way to avoid injury than to have a few privates under your belt. I have personally taken one on one sessions and they were rewarding and fantastic. You can turn the dial up or not. I was changed further than I thought I could go. You will leave not only feeling lighter in your feet you will also feel like a new person. Really you will. Try it, you deserve it. B. L.

For New Students:

Oftentimes individuals who want to start yoga are intimidated by the group classroom setting.   Private instruction is a great way to learn the basics, in order to integrate into the classroom comfortably.  Just one or two private lessons can get you started!

For Experienced Students:

Even seasoned yogis occasionally benefit from one on one instruction, whether to work on specific or difficult asanas (postures) they’d like to perfect, breathing techniques to enhance their practice or meditation practices to just provide calm in their everyday lives.

For Injury or Health Issues:

Sometimes group instruction can’t address individual concerns when it comes to specific injuries or health issues.  With one on one attention your teacher can target specific areas of pain or discomfort with specific stretches or postures to better able you to manage your health situation and promote self-healing.

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