Studio Etiquette

Every studio is different, but they all have rules on etiquette.  Here's some of ours!  

  • No cell phones in the studio.  
  • No perfumes or scented body cremes.
  • Please keep your chatter to a minimum and at a low decibel level.  Some students like to decompress on their mats before class. 
  • No shoes in the studio.  
  • If you use one of the studio mats please wipe it down with one of our disinfectant wipes and hang it up to dry.  
  • For your own well being, it's best not to eat a large meal before you come to yoga. 
  • If you're sick, please do not come to class.  We want you to get better and we really don't want to get sick!
  • If you bring water into the studio, it must be in a sealed container.  No open cups of liquid.  The radiant heat layer under our floors is liquid averse!
  • Arrive a few minutes early to get set up.  We lock the doors once class starts and we want to start on time!
  • Let your teacher know before class if you have any injuries or concerns.   She/he wants you to have a quality experience!
  • If you have to leave early, let your teacher know before class and do so quietly.  No worries – we've all been in this position.
  • Let your teacher know if you enjoy her/his class.  They love feedback!
  • Enjoy your yoga experience.  It's your practice; do what's right for you!
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help with challenging positions.  All questions are good ones.