About Wendy Dahl


Open_to_GraceWendy Dahl – Blue Sun Yoga Teacher Training

I stepped onto the mat for the first time in 1994 to  enhance my dance training by cultivating balance, strength, and flexibility. I soon realized that Yoga is the way to transform each moment of our lives into an auspicious journey. The practice inspired so much benevolence in my heart that I dedicated myself and my life to a disciplined practice several years later.

I am deeply grateful to the many teachers who have shared their light and support as my unique style of Vinyasa Flow Yoga continually evolves and grows.  My teachings reflect the philosophies of Krishnamacharya, the alignment principles and self-affirming celebrations of Anusara Yoga, the spirit and power of moving with the breath, connecting on a deeper level to one's self by embracing community, and dedication to refining and modifying the experience on the mat through therapeutic compassion for each student’s personal journey. I combine my training and experience of yoga therapeutics, AcroYoga, thai body work, and vinyasa flow so that each student will be compassionately supported and empowered to have a full experience!

I am committed to Yoga as a force for positive change. Having studied Earth, Marine, and Environmental Science for many years and working towards a Masters degree in Education, I blend Yoga and ecological awareness as a way to deepen the ultimate meaning of Yoga as union. By treating all beings, as well as nature, with compassion and respect through honoring and encouraging sustainable practices for our bodies and our environment, one can experience true healing. My fluid, energetic, playful, compassionate, and self-affirming teaching style reminds us that we do not need to look elsewhere to experience the joy, peace, harmony, and bliss that resides within. Om shanti.